Kristell + Gaby

Hi! We are Kristell and Gaby, two L.A. girls with a passion for fashion and anything that makes us feel strong, confident and healthy. Being millennial women, we are continuously striving to live life with purpose, make a positive impact in the world and empower others, especially women. Despite having college degrees and established careers, we were in search of something more. Naturally, because of our love for fashion and styling, we gravitated toward the fashion industry.

We've had the idea of having a side hustle together for a long time but didn’t make a set decision until 2019. It was a spur of the moment decision and that's because it was so easy to find something we are both equally passionate about- fashion. We love fashion. We see fashion as a creative outlet, a means to boost confidence, and an opportunity to showcase your individual personality. There are infinite ways a woman can feel empowered and one way is through her outfit.

Xoxo, Kristell & Gaby

We Are The Creators of Our Own Story

K for Kristell and G for Gaby. Mode translates to "fashion" in French. Since the boutique is a representation of both of us we wanted to include a piece of us in the name. We’re inspired by our city (Los Angeles), content creators, fashion abroad, and music. Not to mention, the women arounds us, the women in our family, boss babes like, J.Lo, Dany Garcia, Michelle Obama, the list can go on and on!

You are confident—unapologetically. You give yourself the power to be anything you want to be. You are the creator of your own story. You are real, messy, and perfectly-woman.

Connect With K+G

We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate whether with other brands or content creators—our brand thrives on the community around us!

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