We’re baaaack!

We’re baaaack!

So you may have noticed we were MIA for some time. We’ve been staying under the radar on social media and our business overall. To be completely transparent, we really needed a break to regroup, recharge and take some time for ourselves. While some glorify the hustle culture, we don’t believe it’s sustainable for a work life balance and we will always encourage entrepreneurs to slow down and take breaks. It’s healthy and good boundaries! 

Not to mention, we’ve gone through some pretty major transitions recently. To start, we’re both officially engaged and planning a wedding. Gaby’s wedding is literally just a few weeks away and Kristell is planning a destination wedding for early 2024 - we’re both beyond excited! 

So what’s new with our boutique? In scrolling through our website, you may notice a few changes. The biggest change is that we no longer offer clothing in our shop. We’ve decided to focus on accessories and unique, elevated gifts. 

As you know, we’re millennial women that enjoy the little things in life. From our cup of coffee in the morning, to daily affirmations that have a positive impact on our day. We wanted our shop to reflect those exact feelings of adding softness, purpose and beauty to life. Our goal is to make our boutique the first place that comes to mind when you want to treat yourself or someone else with a unique piece. 

Thank you for being patient with us. We’re excited for the new chapter of K+G Mode Boutique and we hope you join us for the journey.  We love to have our girl gang with us! 


Kristell and Gaby

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