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K+G on Cultivating a Fruitful Partnership

Hey babe!

Welcome to our first blog post! We are so excited to finally publish this because we’ve been planning on it for so long! Since this is our first blog, we figured we’d share about our friendship and how we run our business together.

Many people advised us to be cautious when mixing business with friends. Sure, there are many friendships that don’t end well due to business missteps however, neither of us went into this business venture feeling scared or doubtful. Quite the opposite, we were stoked to finally take the leap and thrilled to be doing it together.  

How did we know we were going to make good business partners? Well, we’ve always had a stable friendship. We respect one another, we communicate well, we trust each other, and we try to understand our differences rather than judge or blame one another. Oh and did we mention we always have a good time together? Kristell brings the cheese board and Gaby the margaritas! We’re also big on staying drama free, it’s a waste of time and bad energy - who needs that?

When you're looking for a business partner, it’s ideal for each person to have different strengths and weaknesses (the yin to your yang). We’ll be honest, this was a little bit of a struggle in the beginning. We were both trying to do everything together (literally EVERYTHING) but we quickly realized that was not an efficient way to operate a business. So we got together and created an outline of who is good at what and how we were going to divide tasks to work better together. 


Having been in business for almost 2 years, there's nothing that we would change. We’re excited for what’s to come. We have a fun campaign coming up and some pretty major changes rolling out soon ;)

Let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions about our partnership and/or friendship. What do you think about mixing business with friends? We’d love to hear from you!

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I love the relationship you both have! I do agree that each of you must have different strengths and weaknesses since it’s important to have a balance when it comes to a business and how it’s run. Feedback is better when there are different perspectives in place 😊

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