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Featured Woman- Mia Gill

We asked our Instagram community to nominate women who encompass our Be  You collection. Out of the dozens of women who were nominated, Mia Gill was randomly selected as the winner. In a moment, you'll read why we are so excited to have her on our blog. She is curious, smart, beautiful and empowering!  We love a babe who is looking to leave her mark in the world.  

1. Tell us about yourself. What were you doing before you became a high-performance coach, founder of Boss Up Inc & Co-Founder of Bossinomics.

Honestly, I was just floating through life. I didn’t have any real goals, no purpose, no intention behind anything I was doing nor did I have sense of individualism – so no idea who I was basically. I would say to myself as a kid, when I’m 25, when I’m married, when I have this car, this job etc. I would be happy. I was chasing other people for happiness and was letting people dictate what I did and I really lost myself in the process. As an escape I would allow myself to create unrealistic goals and relied on temporary gratification for little bouts of happiness which I felt was all I deserved and would continue feeling like for the rest of my life. The problem with this was I ended up never sticking to any of the goals I set myself. I wasn’t willing to work for my goals because I was unhealed, unheard and unhappy. I was using this as fuel for my work and then would wonder why I never actually achieved my goals.

One day I cracked, I had got so sick of my own habits, and no longer wanted to be the definition of wasted potential SO I TOOK BACK MY POWER. Before becoming all the above question, I spent time healing, self-soothing my triggers, getting to know myself, learning to love myself, creating a healthy mindset where I felt safe in my head and built trust & discipline with myself. I spent time unlearning a lot of what I had been taught, learning to accept things more and become in confident in who I was.

I spent an equal amount of my time on personal development. I started getting into psychology behind our actions, behaviors and thoughts and, accidentally stumbled on CBT techniques that I applied to my own mind. I taught myself how to become emotionally intelligent and self-aware to heal my inner child wounds. I taught myself everything schools don’t teach you and fought against generational traumas. I learnt the power of being a woman in this world and spent time intentionally embracing the beauty of life itself. Applying the skills I learnt from emotional intelligence, self-awareness and mindfulness techniques helped me kickstart & maintain my personal development. Finally, I was ready for the world to see me and for me to make my mark on he world. Enter Boss My Life & Bossinomics.

2. You have a degree in biomedical science. That’s so cool. How and why did you get into that?

One word. Interest. Interest in how the human body works. I have always been a person that can’t take things at face value, I want to get to know the deeper meaning of things and understand the reasonings behind why things are the way they are. The human body works in wonderful ways and something so small like a virus (I thought this would be fitting considering the current times) can cause harm. My great-grandmother is the driving force behind the things I want to achieve in science. I find it fascinating that from samples of fluid from our body can be studied in depth to understand and diagnose disease on a greater/overall level. Biomedical sciences truly show how things aren’t always as they seem and you can’t always see things with the naked eye. I feel like the ideology of understanding things on a deeper level and the idea that not everything is always as it seems can be applied to many things.

Personally, this has allowed me to create a more meaningful life. For example, healing from inner child wounds – to heal and solve the problem we have to go to the root cause of the problem.

3. Tell us about Boss My Life and Bossinomics. How did they get started?

All of the above encouraged me to share my personal story with people and help them break barriers in a way they didn’t even know they could. I am a big believer that hurt people hurt and healed people heal. I often find myself wishing that I started earlier on my journey of personal development. Of course I reframe my mindset afterwards but knowing that I can help other women to start creating the most beautiful life with a healthy mindset helps me feel like I am making my mark on the world.

When I was 21, I embarked on a high-performance lifestyle and it honestly changed my life. I felt more capable and actually achieved goals that I was setting myself both in my personal and professional life. Contrary to what some people may say high-performance isn’t a skill, it’s a lifestyle. One where you can rely on yourself, be happier, healed, balanced, fuel your discipline with a purpose rather than doing things for the wrong reasons. And most importantly use your mind to it fullest potential so as to ACTUALLY ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS. This is why I started the Boss My Life Inc. I wanted to be able to guide other women who are feeling overwhelmed the thought of creating a lifestyle they want.

My biggest motto is that you cannot pour from an empty cup. I always fuel myself, give myself what I need, trust myself and work on my goals driven by a “why”, a “purpose”, a “passion” rather than being driven by money and desperation. I have always felt that generational traumas are a way of preventing people from fuelling themselves and their mindsets the right way. I was fortunate enough to met Edna, my business partner in Bossinomics and most importantly life friend who shared the this same view and vision as me. We both imagined a world where everyone has healed from generational trauma. Hence, Bossinomics was born to exist as a sounding board for communities to understand generational traumas and to be understood.

4. What are your goals, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

My goals are to progress as a Biomedical Scientist and to be spending time also researching into cancer rather than just the diagnostics side. I do honestly see myself still working on my continuing professional development in the company that I work for as the company values align with mine. I would love to be leading team meetings, strategizing ways on how to increase work performance and reaching targets for our clients in private healthcare. I also see myself implementing high performance strategies and coaching techniques to a larger team within the corporate side whilst working towards fulfilling the Boss My Life & Bossinomics missions and working closely with both communities. I see myself overall just having a balanced life full of happy and little moments with close friends and family around me. I see myself living everything I am coming for and everything I promised my younger self I would achieve.

5. How do you define success?

Three words, self-awareness, inner-peace and acceptance. When equipped with these three powerful tools, it allows us to live more for the little moments, be encouraged to create a more beautiful life whilst enjoying the journey as well as feeling at peace with who we are, our pasts and where we headed.

Success to me is more of an overall thing, for example we all have multiple buckets in our lives, if you are only progressing in one area of your life whilst sacrificing other aspects of your life, this really limits your chances of success as it’s not going to be a balanced lifestyle – hence won’t give you lasting success. Personally, I feel like success also lies more in delayed gratification over instant gratification, hence why success is in the uncomfortable conversations you have with yourself to help you achieve the goals. Success in my dictionary isn’t seeing the end result, it’s in the mindset you have to create that allows you to follow through on your goals and do what is necessary as you move towards your vision. When you truly experience life with yourself, this is success.

6. What advice do you have for women that are afraid or reluctant to go after their dreams?

Focus on utilising time, as it will truly be your greatest asset. From the moment you begin to realize how truly in control of your own time you are and that you have a choice in how you spend your time, that’s the moment you will truly change the trajectory of your life. Take control back from others by working out your own values and aligning everything you do with these values.

As humans we spend so much time trying to get to know other people, but forget that we also need to get to know ourselves and support each growth stage. Date yourself, get to know every little bit about you, both the good & the bad and focus on improving everything you want to change whilst loving every single part of yourself.

I would also say practice developing emotional intelligence and healing via self-awareness. You have everything already within you to create a life you love. You just need to develop those skills, understand yourself and most importantly be the strongest person you have in your life. Always be able to fall back on yourself when things get tough. Then all that’s left to do is work every day on your goals. Don’t focus to much on the hustle culture. Fuel yourself, your mindset, your discipline as you really cannot pour from an empty cup.

7. How do you define your style and what is your go-to outfit these days?

I define my style based off my goals! I wear any outfit that empowers me. I do, however, tend to go for either monochrome looks or all black outfits with one pop of color to give the look more of a statement. I feel like the fashion and beauty industry in general can really help young women to show up as their best selves as it can increase their confidence and even their high-performance as it may inspire them to work on their goals. Having my signature (all black outfit, stiletto heels, oversized blazer, gold statement jewelry and baby pink nails) look really powers my high-performance lifestyle. It helps me personally show up as my best self and bring out the side of me that can get anything done and will overcome any obstacle. When I am going for the softer, more feminine side that values the “collaboration over competition” vibe I find myself reaching for the floral print part of my wardrobe. I feel like a pop of color with a pair of gold earrings really makes me feel uplifted and more joyful.

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