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Featured Woman: Eugeniia Gul

To celebrate women and our Be You Collection we decided to collaborate with boss babes who inspire us. Throughout this month, you will be getting to know these women a little more through our Featured Women Blog series. 

To kick off our series, we would like to introduce to you Eugeniia Gul. We were first connected with Eugeniia last year, when were looking for collaborators for our one year birthday giveaway. We happened to find Eugeniia's GUL Planner on Etsy and decided to email her. To our surprise, she is in the L.A. area! Since then, we've been supporting each other and our businesses and we're lucky to call Eugeniia our friend. 

Ahead, Eugeniia tells us her story, her business and how she defines success. 

Tell us about yourself, what were you doing before Gul Planner?  

Before the publication of GUL Planner, I aspired to become a politician, because I mistakenly believed that only this way I could contribute to positive changes in society.

Long story short, I grew up with a woman (my mom) who planted the seeds of just being a "pretty face" since I was a little girl. I've been modeling since I was 5 (my mom was a photographer), and she had a vision for me to become a commercial model, and eventually a beautiful wifey who stays beautifully at home. I am writing this and feel so sorry for that little girl (me), and a grown-up woman (my mom) who didn't know that beauty shines from within. 

When I turned 20, I felt like I'm not living my life and I made a decision to change it completely. It started with an oversized wardrobe in black colors (I wanted to  hide my body, and feminine side) and finished at the European Academy of Diplomacy surrounded by men in the political field. Completely the opposite of what my mom had planned for me. But there are two extremes we always need to avoid. On the one hand "just a pretty face", on the other hand, "I don't accept my gender, my body, my beauty, and my femininity". That is how the journey into my true self began.


 Where did you get the idea for Gul Planner?  

The idea for GUL Planner came to me as soon as I felt READY (it took me 6 years to heal and to reinvent myself) to share about my experience and the tools that  helped me to discover who I am with other women. My self-development began 8 years ago. I read books on self-help, personal leadership, philosophy, and  spirituality. I took a personal development course after a personal development course. I took my private therapy sessions and group sessions for the last 6 years. I took the True North leadership training program (based on a book by Bill George  and Peter Eagle Sims, Discover your Authentic Leadership). I changed my diet, my thinking, and my behaviors. The person I evolved into was someone more  authentic, harmonious, and wise than the person I once was. I'm certain that self development and self-exploration is a never-ending process. As my friend once  said: "Sky is not a limit. Sky is only the beginning". Delving deep into my inner self helped me to find my life purpose and to collect all the necessary tools for it. I learned a lot during this much-effort journey, and I put my knowledge into the GUL Planner. It's my authorship program to discover your world of opportunities  and who you are deep inside in 12 simple steps. 


Are you at the point in your business where you are paying yourself?  

I am! I attract money from different sources (and that's what I highly recommend you to do). I published GUL Planner, and I sell it online (, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy), and in-stores (you can find GUL Planner at The Last Bookstore, G Bar, and HENNESSEY + INGALLS bookstores). Additionally, I coach groups (at our group coaching sessions we follow 12 Steps that are in GUL Planner), and I conduct individual coaching sessions. Besides, I use my experience of professional commercial modeling, AND besides modeling, I am also a creative director. With my team of professionals - we create compelling visual images/videos that speak to the target audience of your product. 


How do you define success? 

Honestly? Five years ago, I would say "MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, baby"! But  now, I define success as a peace of mind. 


What piece of advice do you have for women who are  reluctant or afraid to go after their dreams? 

Define what holds you back, and ask yourself "What do I choose: life in fear or  going after my dreams no matter what?!". For me, life is the result of choices we 

make. Who's responsible for life choices?! Yes, that's us! Also, it is important to  identify your center. Whatever is at the center of your life will be the source of our  security, guidance, wisdom, and power. Our centers affect us fundamentally - they  determine our daily decisions, actions, and motivations, as well as our  interpretation of events. You can learn more and define the center of your life by reading my favorite book by Steven Covey "7 Habits of Highly Effective People".  Stop reading this blog post and order this book now, I am serious! 


Do you have any tips for someone who has a hard time staying consistent with their planners? We have to be  honest, we struggle in this area. 

We are coming back to life choices again. How bad do you want it? If you want it,  you will form a habit and stick to it. Here are some ideas to get you started, but remember, you decide for yourself what is best for you: 

Start your day with the morning page(s). What to write? Whatever comes to  your mind FIRST. Estimating the average human will have about 6,200 thoughts per day. Start with writing just ONE thought! 

Plan your writing. The above example encourages you to start your day from the  morning pages, but if that feels like an effort - don't do it! Do whatever feels good  to YOU! James Clear, the best-selling author of Atomic Habits, thinks motivation  is overrated: “Stop waiting for motivation or inspiration to strike you and set a  schedule for your habits.” Motivation flows from action, not the other way around.  

Cheat Your Brain. Say to your brain/to yourself, "It's just one word and a small action of stepping out of the comfort zone". It sounds easy but you will be surprised with the result, I promise!

Write in beautiful stationery - don't write on random pages which you will throw away. Writing in a journal is a whole ritual, and coming back to your old memories/plans/writings evokes so many beautiful feelings afterward. I encourage you to take a look at GUL Planner, a perfect tool for self-improvement, which was  created and designed by me for you in sunny California. It includes detailed planning pages and 12 empowering exercises.


How do you define  your style and what  is your go-to outfit  these days?

I feel like my style reflects how  I feel and who I am today.  Clothes don't make the person,  the person makes the clothes,  right? I wear pastels, floral print dresses, and hats (my  favorite hat is JENNIFER  RANCHER by K+G Mode  Boutique). Wearing pastels means the acceptance of my femininity and finding a balance between two extremes that I've mentioned in the beginning. 


You can now shop Eugeniia's Gul Planner at our shop!

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