Featured Woman: Chrystale Davis

Featured Woman: Chrystale Davis

Hi babes! Welcome to week two of our Featured Women Blog series.

We would like to introduce to you our friend Chrystale Davis. Chrystale found us through IG last year and she's been one of our biggest supporters ever since! 

Chrystale has a web series, does stand up and honesty has the funniest reels on IG! We chose her to be part of our featured women because she is the most sweetest and multifaceted babe, she hustles and is killing it in every way. But enough of our intro, lets get to know her a little bit more in her own words...


Tell us about yourself, what are your future, personal and career goals?

I would love to be on a show like Saturday Night Live or A Black Lady Sketch Show. That's the dream. To be able to continue creating really funny characters and performing them on a greater scale.

Even though there are a lot more women comedians now, comedy continues to be a male dominated industry, why is that and what can we do to support our comedian babes?

I really don't know why that's still a thing. It's just always been a Boys Club. The best way to support your favorite female comedians is to follow them on social media, share their videos, and help get the word out. Also, come to our shows!

You just did your first stand up, how was it? Congrats btw!

It was awesome! It was on zoom though so it's a little different. I can't wait to finally perform a comedy set on an actual stage.

How do you define success? 

Success is just being able to do what you love. It doesn't matter if you're not making any money from it. As long as it's making you happy then you are successful.

What piece of advice do you have for women who are reluctant or afraid to go after their dreams?

You just have to do it and stay consistent. That's all there is to it. And that's something that I really learned in 2021. Is that you just dive in and swim.

How do you cultivate a genuine community online/social media? 

I just like posting things that make me laugh and I really feel like people are drawn to that. If I get a lot of DMs about something I've posted then I know people are enjoying it.

How do you define your style and what is your go-to outfit these days? 

My style is just super casual. I love a high waisted jean and I'm big into sweaters. Right now I'm really into loungewear. I just love sweatpants that look good on you when you're outside and not just hanging on your couch.

Check out Chrystale's Youtube web series "It's the Tits!" and also her IG @erybodyh8schrys for more info on upcoming stand up shows!

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Chrystale! I would love to come to your show! I think that men dominate stand-up comedy nowadays and YOU have the power to CHANGE that! We will support you as we can! Just go for it, girl!
Love this definition of success!

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