Featured Woman: Solmayra Jacobo

Featured Woman: Solmayra Jacobo

Welcome to our last but certainly not least, “Featured Women Series” blog post!  This week we’re featuring our friend and fellow boutique owner Solmayra Jacobo. Sol is the owner of Sole Los Angeles. She kills it everytime with her selection of bodysuits, jeans, dresses, and jewelry/accessories! We love that she always comes out with the latest and cutest trends!! She's smart, she's beautiful and she's very business savvy! Our friend has it all. 
Here's more about this latina boss babe...
My name is Solmayra Jacobo. I am a 27 years old are a proud Latina. My parent’s are from Michoacan, Apatzingan and migrated to Los Angeles to the 90’s for a better living. 
I recently graduated class of 2020 from the California State University of Los Angeles in Business Management, which was a no brainer. I have always belonged in business. 
My parent’s raised my siblings and I to believe in hard work and most importantly the power we hold within us to create a better life for us and those in our surrounding. After graduating 
recently from college I decided it was time to invest all the energy I had given college and my previous employers into my own dreams, so I quit my job to fully work on Sole Los Angeles. 
Thus far, it has been a challenge but I can ultimately say that things are falling into place. I don’t think I could have even been a part of this special event if I hadn’t taken the will to believe in me and my dreams.

How did Sole Los Angeles get started?

Sole Los Angeles started out of an impulse. The idea subconsciously lived within me since 18. All it took was for someone to tell me “no’, that specifically being my former employers. I realized that if I wanted something to change or had to be done, it was up to me. I believed I could, and so I did.

Did you always envision yourself becoming an entrepreneur and why? 

I have always known. I don’t know how to really describe it to you but Ive always known this lifestyle was for me. It’s never felt foreign to me, it’s always felt like home. 
What is the biggest misconception of having a boutique? 

The biggest misconception would be that you are entirely just devoted to fashion and have no concern for anything outside of it. For example, ethic. I pride sole Los Angeles with that not for it’s style or attire.
How do you define success? 

Success to me is being able to help others and inspire. To be able to awaken the energy in someone to want more is truly so rewarding because it’s ultimately going to create a cycle. Hopefully for many generations.
What piece of advice do you have for women who are reluctant or afraid to go after their dreams?

There’s no right plan or right time. Starting a business or pursuing a dream can be frightening but don’t let fear stop you from being great. The only mistake you can make with working on your dreams is not taking advantage of all the time and opportunities you could have had. 
How do you define your style and what is your go-to outfit these days?
This question is so fun because all my youth I struggled to fit in the “right” category. I honestly have no staple style because I like to dress according to my style of current muse or mood. 
I made sure Sole Los Angeles to include all those 3 parts of me that just couldn’t fit into one category, which are, chic, bohemian, and street style. Out of all my looks I’d have to say that my chic
Street style is my go to. I love to chic it up but also let you know I’m from LA, when I walk into the room…LA girls are just different. Wink Wink.
Some fun facts about myself:
My first job was selling chips in the Pico Rivera Sports Arena around the time I was 10  to the incoming foot traffic and let me just tell you, this girl sold out every time. Hustler since birth baby.
Before selling the current fashion trends we shop for today, I used to be a vintage clothing reseller. I learned about vintage clothing when I was about 12 years old treasuring hunting in the “as-is” department of St. Vincent De Paul. I remember finding my first designer products--the excitement to hold something from a different time in the present, absolutely thrilling. So yeah, I’d stock your local favorite thrift shops in Santa Monica, Los Feliz, Silver lake, Highland Park… 
I have been technology savvy since the 4th grade. By the time I hit 6th grade I knew how to reboot and factory wipe clean Window hard drives for my dad to resell at the Swapmeets. Everything I learned was from Youtube. 
I aspire to be a full on Philanthropist in the future once Sole Los Angeles is well situated. I just really want to help out. I don’t believe in money, I believe in the happiness and aid it can bring to those who really need it.
To be able to build schools, homes, provide clean water .. things like that. Who would of thought right? It’s not just Fashion when you support me. 

Don't forget to check out out Sol's amazing boutique at www.solelosangeles.com!
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Inspiring to see this feature on strong and influential women that are empowering others. This is the representation that is needed in our community.

Zochi Flores
Girl you are amazing! A true boss as babe Solmayra!💖💖
Your story is inspirational and insightful! I love your boutique and how you have a mix of bohemian and street style in the different pieces you bring😍 Quality is amazing as well :)

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